Welcome to De-Annex Call To Action. This website is to inform those of you who have signed the Petition to De-Annex from Mableton & about our efforts & upcoming events.

About Our Movement

We are asking you to contact our local & state representatives to ask for their support of our movement.

We want our elected officials to HEAR US loud and clear that we want their support of our efforts to be de-annexed from Mableton before the city forms. Calling is most effective but, of course, you may contact them via email as well. Yes, you can contact them multiple times and on multiple dates, but please do not be excessive and please be sure to be polite to staff. Be brief but identify yourself as one of their constituents and make a clear statement of your request for their support for de-annexation.

Contact Your Elected Officials

Senator Horacena Tate
38th Senate District (HIGH PRIORITY)
Phone: (404) 463-8053
Email: horacena.tate@senate.ga.gov

Representative Terry Cummings
39th District (HIGH PRIORITY)
Phone: (404) 656-0202
Email: terry.cummings@house.ga.gov

Senator Michael “Doc” Rhett
33rd Senate District (HIGH PRIORITY)
Phone: (404) 656-0054
Email: michael.rhett@senate.ga.gov

Representative Michael Smith
41st District (HIGH PRIORITY)
Phone: (404) 656-0265
Email: michael.smith@house.ga.gov

Senator Jason Esteves
6th Senate District
Phone: not available
Email: jason.esteves@senate.ga.gov

Senator Kay Kirkpatrick
32nd Senate District
Phone: (404) 656-3932
Email: kay.kirkpatrick@senate.ga.gov

Senator Ed Setzler
37th Senate District
Phone: (770) 420-0520
Email: ed.setzler@senate.ga.gov

Senator John Albers
56th Senate District
Phone: (404) 463-8055
Email: john.albers@senate.ga.gov

Representative Devan Seabaugh
34th District
Phone: (404) 656-0152
Email: devan.seabaugh@house.ga.gov

Representative Ginny Ehrhart
36th District
Phone: (404) 656-5024
Email: ginny.ehrhart@house.ga.gov

Representative Mary Frances Williams
37th District
Phone: (404) 656-0287
Email: maryfrances.williams@house.ga.gov

Representative Doug Stoner
40th District (HIGH PRIORITY)
Phone: 770-436-7187
Email: doug.stoner@house.ga.gov

Representative Teri Anulewicz
42nd District (HIGH PRIORITY)
Office: (404) 656-0116
Email: teri.anulewicz@house.ga.gov

Representative Solomon Adesanya
43rd District
Phone: not available
Email: solomon.adesanya@house.ga.gov

Representative Don Parsons
44th District
Phone: (404) 656-5143
Email: don.parsons@house.ga.gov

Representative Sharon Cooper
45th District (HIGH PRIORITY)
Phone: (404) 656-5069
Email: sharon.cooper@house.ga.gov

Representative John Carson
46th District
Phone: (404) 656-7855
Email: john.carson@house.ga.gov

Representative Jordan Ridley
22nd District
Phone: not available
Email: jordan.ridley@house.ga.gov

Representative Lisa Campbell
35th District
Phone: 770.299.9973
Email: lisa.campbell@house.ga.gov

Call Script

Here is a suggested script for your calls and emails:

Dear [name of elected official],

My name is _____ . My address is ______ and I live within the proposed boundaries of the new city of Mableton. I voted against the Mableton cityhood referendum question in the November 2022 election and I want the area where I live to be removed from the city boundaries. Please support the de-annexation movement and the upcoming legislation to de-annex my area from the city before it forms. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

Contact the Secretary of State

Georgia Secretary of State

If you’d like to contact the Secretary of State’s office to register a complaint about the issues with the election itself, you can do that by clicking the button below.

Upcoming Events

Thank you in advance for contacting your representatives above. We will have additional calling initiatives in the coming weeks. If you wish to be removed from future emails about de-annexation, please reply with a request to be removed.

Event Schedule

Friday March 10th
Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm.

Candidate Meet-and-Greet
South Cobb Recreation Center.

875 Riverside Parkway
Austell, GA 30168

Meet & Greet Aaron Carman

Further Info

Birney 2 District

Visit the Mableton Cityhood Information page of the Cobb County website for more info.

Latest News

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Originally called Preserve South Cobb, the movement was started by a non-partisan group of residents in the Birney 02 voting district of unincorporated Austell and Smyrna as the Vote NO to Mableton Cityhood campaign. After the referendum on Mableton cityhood (GA House Bill 839) passed narrowly during the November 2022 election, the group transitioned to Deannex from Mableton. Now, areas that voted overwhelmingly against cityhood are working to be removed from the city boundaries before the city forms.
Representative David Wilkerson will be introducing legislation during the 2023 legislative session to have the map boundaries redrawn to remove areas that voted overwhelmingly against cityhood and have now organized to request deannexation.
The city referendum passed by a narrow margin of 53%, with fewer than 1500 votes deciding the election for an area of 78,000 citizens. The map in this article shows the breakdown by voting precinct, and shows that the vote was mostly split along Veterans Memorial Highway.
Cityhood advocates pitched the city idea as a way to enhance local control of our communities. For areas that voted overwhelmingly against forming the city, local control means not being forced into the city boundaries against the will of the residents, voters, and taxpayers. For areas that are satisfied with the services received from Cobb County and do not wish to be part of the new city, being removed from the city is a way of preserving local control.

House Bill 839 specified the new city boundaries in south Cobb County. The area includes traditional footprint of Mableton as well as surrounding areas of unincorporated Austell, Marietta, and Smyrna. You can see the map boundaries here: https://cobbcountyga.maps.arcgis.com/apps/instant/minimalist/index.html?appid=d6717485818c42999082559b030bf889

You can find the name of your voting precinct at this link. You need to know where you are assigned to vote on Election Day (not where you vote if you choose to vote early).

Any adult 18+ who lives in the affected area is welcome and invited to sign, regardless of whether or not they are registered to vote, whether or not they are a citizen, or whether they own or rent their home.

See the Upcoming Events section for information about upcoming signing events. If you are not able to attend an event, please email deannexfrommableton@gmail.com to and we can arrange to get you signed.

To protect the integrity of the petition, only original signatures can be accepted. There is no online petition and we cannot accept the signed petition by email or text.

Cobb County has called for a special election to elect a Mayor and 6 City Council Members to be held on Tuesday, March 21, 2023. Details about qualifying to run for office, early voting, and vote by mail for this election can be found here.

Yes! Those who voted no have the same rights to run for city office as those who advocated for cityhood.